Louverline™ Vents & Penthouse Enclosures
  • Penthouse enclosures hide unattractive mounted equipment viewed from higher floors and taller buildings
  • Ventilators offer exhaust and intake capacities of up to 103,000 cfm
  • Aerodynamically designed with generous air flow areas for efficient performance
  • Louvered on all four sides for full 360&Mac251; perimeter opening\
  • Multiple tiers for high air flow capacities
  • Outstanding weather protection*
  • Vertical snow and storm baffle on base to guard against storm driven rain and snow
  • Extruded louvers have double water and snow baffles for added weather protection
Construction & Features
  • .081” extruded aluminum louvers are precision miter cut and welded for maximum strength
  • .080” aluminum curb base is miter cut and continuous welded for strength and water tightness
  • Large sizes cross braced internally for extra rigidity and resistance to wind damage
  • Removable .050” cross broke and reinforced aluminum hood
  • Hoods are reinforced and braced for extra rigidity and resistance to wind damage
  • All ventilators and enclosures are equipped with 1/2”x1/2” mesh galvanized wire bird screen (omitted when equipped with filters)
  • Hinged Hood - for easy access to filters and screens
  • Insulated Hood - reduces condensation drip - rubberized anti-condensation undercoating or 1” fiberglass insulation
  • Filters - 1” thick permanent aluminum mesh mounted for easy cleaning (add .15” to static pressure listed in the tables when using Filters on Air Intake Ventilators)
  • Insect Screens - 18 mesh aluminum screen attached to the inside perimeter of the louvered opening (add .08” to static pressure for Exhaust and .03” to static pressure for Intake listed in the tables when using Insect Screens)
  • Aluminum Bird Screens - .050” thick 1/2” x 1” expanded aluminum located on inside perimeter of
    louvered openings
  • Decorative Coatings - Variety of colors of industrial grade enamels

    * Louvered ventilators are reasonably weather tight. However, they are not recommended for use where airborne water droplets from storms or high winds may damage the interior of the building.
Ptotective Coatings
  • Epoxy - a tough gray coating that is one of the best heavy duty multipurpose finishes resistant to most chemicals and corrosives
  • Eisenheiss - a synthetic resin that forms a tough coating offering better protection against most acids and corrosive agents
  • Heresite - a black phenolic coating that has good resistance to heat, solvents and concentrates of most acids except strong oxidizing agents (resistant to weak alkalis but not recommended for hydrofluoric acid or hypochlorite salts)
Special Sizes
  • Custom sized and optioned units are available - consult Acme Manufacturing for specific details and performance capabilities